Maria Ma

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

“If music is the food of love sing on, sing on, sing on till I am filled with Joy”

- Henry Purcell.

Maria loves music but she did not receive her formal musical training until adulthood since her parents were not able to afford it when she was young. Learning piano at a latter age was like a childhood dream came truth. She believes that music is a very important element of our lives. Just like salt and spice for food, music keeps our life interesting and well balanced. Music can also promote healing, healthy mental development, behavior modification and entertainment. She specially believes in the value of music education in early child development.

Maria holds a BS degree in Biochemistry and BA degree in Musical Performance from Portland State University. Her primary instrument is classical voice and secondary instrument is piano. When she first started music school, she was going to become a public school music teacher and hence she also had training in Kodaly method where kids learn music through singing, movement and solfege.

Discovering the Harmony Road Music School was a surprise and Maria is excited to join the team of teaching staff. Besides teaching, Maria works as a medical interpreter. She speaks fluent Mandarin & Cantonese. Maria is also the music director for Calvary Bible Church. She directs the church choral and the youth orchestra She plays accompaniment for weddings, funerals, Christmas caroling and worship services. Maria is also a active performing musician in the community. Previously she had performed with the Portland State University woman chorus, Vancouver Symphony, Oregon symphony and Portland Summerfest and various opera production by PSU and community musical play. Her favorite composer for vocal music is Mozart and her favorite composer for piano music is Chopin.

Maria Ma

Each of us has two native languages.
Both are learned early...both stay with us for a lifetime.
One is music. This is why a music education is important

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