General Policies

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General Policies

Acknowledgements, Authorizations, Permissions

The enrollment form includes three permissions and confirmations.

  • Acknowledgement that signer has received general policies, financial policies and classroom expectations.
  • Permission for HRMC to send electronic communications (E Blast, as needed)
  • Authorization for use of photographs of minor children on social media for promoting the school.

Course Categories Top

Preparatory: Toddler Tunes 1, 2, & 3; Music in Me; More Music in Me.

Core: Harmony Road 1-4; Young Musician 1-4; Keyboard Prep 1-3.

Intermediate: Keyboard Musician 1-4.

Piano Levels 1-9; Group classes for graduates of Keyboard Musician 4. Other students may be placed in these classes by audition and/or teacher recommendation.

Teen/Adult: Ages 13 and above.

Class Size Top

Ideal class size is 5-6 students. Some classes may have up to 7 students if there is space and enough equipment in the classroom.

If enrollment in a Preparatory, Core, or Intermediate Class falls to 3 students, it will continue for the remainder of the semester. Your student may be asked to join a different class for the next semester.

If enrollment falls to 2 students in a class, the class members have the following options:

  • Continue the class as is for an additional monthly fee
  • Reducing the weekly class by 10-15 minutes
  • Transfer to another similar class

Every attempt will be made to place the students in a larger class for the next semester.

Classroom Expectations Top

Refer to the separate Classroom Expectations Document

Holidays / Spring Break Top

NOTE: HRMC is not closed for all the same national holidays as public schools.

*No classes will be held on the following holidays*

  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (Wednesday through Saturday)
  • Christmas (Up to two weeks, dates vary annually)
  • New Years Day
  • Spring Break(3rd or 4th week of March)
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July

Inclement Weather Top

Official inclement weather cancellation days will be determined by the Harmony Road Music School office.

Experience has shown that weather issues are often resolved before our afternoon/evening classes begin. Public school inclement weather closures are taken into account.

The decision to cancel afternoon/early evening classes due to weather issues is made mid-day. The decision to cancel morning classes will be made early in the day or the night before.

Notification to affected students will be attempted by 1) Telephone, text or email, 2) announcement on our voice mail, 3) FlashAlert Newswire.

Classes will not be rescheduled for the first Inclement Weather Day cancellation of the school year.

Missed/Canceled/Makeup Classes Top

Tuition is not prorated for missed classes

A parent or caregiver is asked to call 503-557-5151 to notify the Business Office that their student will miss the class. They may also text the teacher if the teacher has requested text notification. Your teacher will send homework by text or email.

Student / Family Illness / Activities - Planned or Unplanned

  • Students are encouraged to attend another class of the same level to make-up their missed class. The make-up class does not need to be during the same week.
  • Classes that are canceled due to pre-scheduled absences of the majority of students will not be rescheduled.
  • Families may be contacted by the teacher or the business office after the second consecutive missed class.

Teacher Absence

Every effort will be made to obtain a substitute teacher if your teacher is not available. If that is not possible, your class will be rescheduled.

Private Make-Up Lessons/Extra Instruction

  • If your students miss 2 or more classes, your teacher may be available for 30-minutes of private instruction at no charge.
  • Fees for Private Lessons to catch-up due to multiple absences or for extra instruction are payable to your teacher. Refer to Financial Policy for minimum fees.
  • Private Instruction may be available if enrollment drops to one student and there is no other class available for that student.
  • It is the responsibility of the student or parent to schedule makeup/extra instruction.


Harmony Road Music School reserves the right to reschedule, regroup, discontinue classes or reassign teachers as deemed necessary.


  • Students who do not complete the semester shall pay tuition to the end of the semester
  • Notifying the office one month (4 weeks) prior to a planned withdrawal is a courtesy to the teacher, but does not excuse tuition payment for the remainder of the semester
  • Notifying the office in writing or by email -
  • No refund is issued for any remaining classes for the current semester when tuition has been paid in full at the beginning of the semester

Re-Enrollment In The 'Next' Semester

Because Harmony Road courses are multi-semester, we expect that students will continue classes until the end of the course. It is just as important for us to know that your student is not continuing as it is that your student is continuing. Knowing student plans allows us to plan placement for the students remaining in the class. It also allows us to offer additional new beginning classes according to classroom and teacher availability.

We request that you notify the office as soon as possible if your student will or will not be continuing his/her music education with us after the current semester. We cannot assume a student is not returning if they have not re-enrolled during this period.

Approximately four to five weeks prior to the end of a semester, families are given a re-enrollment packet for the next semester. The packet includes the next class for each student and current tuition/materials rates. Payment of materials and/or tuition prior to the beginning of the next semester ensures placement in the desired class.

Zoom Classes Top

Class attendance by ZOOM is available as a last resort. When students can join their class on Zoom, they stay on-track, eliminating the need for make-up classes. Attendance via ZOOM must be pre-arranged several hours to days before your class. You can contact the office, 503-557-5151, and/or your teacher directly.

Financial Policies Top

Payment Methods

  • Cash or check (preferred)
  • Credit or debit card
  • Auto-pays administered by the business office
  • Auto-pays through your financial institutions bill pay option

Material/Registration Fees

Each student must have their own materials. A younger student may use an older sibling’s materials IF they are in good condition and ALL the writing can be thoroughly erased.

  • Due at or before registration/re-enrollment. Pre-payment guarantees placement
  • No sibling or early payment discount
  • Replacement materials are available at the current retail price
  • Not Refundable unless the class is canceled by Harmony Road and there is no other option for the student
  • Prices are determined by market costs

Harmony Road Curriculum

  • Materials are standardized by class level
  • Materials are unique to each book in the curriculum and payable each semester
  • Fees for HR1, YM1, KP1 includes: music bag, book, rhythm sticks, magnetic dry erase board with marker, magnets, attendance book and access to a downloadable MP3 File (or current technology)
  • Fees for semesters 2-4 include: book, access to downloadable MP3 File (or current technology)

Group Piano Classes

  • Materials are paid annually at the beginning for Fall/WInter semester intended to cover all materials for two semesters
  • Materials are paid at the beginning of Winter/Spring semester when students start Piano 1 mid-year
  • If your student changes class during the school year, additional fees may be incurred if he/she does not have all the materials being used in the new class

Group Piano - Family Plans:

  • Family Materials Plan - 2 or more siblings in Group Piano Classes
  • Customized by family and class level. Oldest student - Full Fee, Younger students - Minimum fee of $10.00
  • Fees are based on a good-faith prediction of materials that will be used for each student
  • Materials in excess of the family fee will be invoiced


  • Tuition is determined by the course the student is taking
  • Tuition is assessed by the semester for all classes
  • Tuition is prorated if a student enrolls after the second class
  • Tuition is NOT prorated for classes missed due to student/family illness/activities/Inclement weather
  • Tuition is NOT refundable after classes start
  • Tuition is refundable if the class is canceled BEFORE start date & there is no other option for the student
  • Tuition is refundable if the student withdraws 7 business days prior to the class start date

Payment Options:

  • Single payment - discounted when paid in full on or before the first class of the semester
  • Five Installment payments - First payment is due on or before the first class. Second through fifth payments are due the first week of the next four months
  • Late payments after the 15th of the month will incur a fee of $15.00

PRIVATE LESSONS For Make-Up, Catch-Up or Extra Instruction

  • Minimum Fees for a 30-45 Minute lesson with Teacher – payable to teacher
    • HR – KM: $30.00
    • Piano 1-5 $35.00
    • Piano 6+: $40.00
  • Note: your teacher’s private rate may be higher


  • Late Payment Fee: A $15.00 fee will be assessed if the installment payment is not made by the 15th of the month. No late fees are assessed in September
  • Returned Check Fee: $35.00
  • Costs of Collection: Will be assessed by the collection agency and are the responsibility of the debtor


  • All decisions regarding collection action are the sole responsibility of Judy Stanley, Owner of Harmony Road Music Center

Rev. & Reviewed 01/08/24

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