Judy Stanley

Owner and Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

Judy has owned and operated Harmony Road Music Center of Oregon since July 2009 when she was asked to purchase it by Jan Keyser.

Judy started teaching the Harmony Road program in 1999 starting with the Piano Street (adults) and Keyboard Prep levels. She now teaches all levels, except Toddler. She also teaches group piano classes to graduates of the Harmony Road program. Her piano students have successfully performed at The Oregon Federation of Music Clubs Festival since 2009.

Judy took piano lessons for 8 years in her youth, accompanying her high school choir and soloists. While in high school she was an organist at two churches and played for weddings and funerals. She earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Oregon where she studied dance and psychology. She studied ballet, modern dance, folk dance & choreography. She was a member of a touring folk dance troupe and performed annually at dance recitals. She continued ballet lessons as an adult and performed with The Jackie Kunzman School of Ballet in Oregon City.

She began playing the piano again in the 1990’s, taking group lessons from Jan Keyser. Learning the Harmony Road program has greatly expanded Judy’s knowledge and skills as well as confidence. Judy states that teaching Harmony Road is the best job she has ever had. She learns something new with each teaching experience and becomes a better teacher with every class taught.

The music school is a member of the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce, the North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce and the Happy Valley Business Alliance. Judy is active in both chambers, currently serving the North Clackamas Chamber’s Leadership Clackamas County Steering Committee.

Judy also teaches card making and sells hand-made cards at Harmony Road, Forte Floral Artistry.She is married and has two adult sons.

Judy Stanley

Each of us has two native languages.
Both are learned early...both stay with us for a lifetime.
One is music. This is why a music education is important

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