Andrea Nagy

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

Andrea Nagy began her career at Harmony Road in 1997. One of her early teaching assignments was a class attended by Judy Stanley’s son, Cody.

Andrea’s specialty is teaching toddlers, pre-schoolers and 1st & 2nd graders. If your child started at Harmony Road as a toddler, he or she likely had Andrea for a teacher. Andrea describes her teaching as a passion fulfilling and rewarding job. “I love helping children discover the world of music.”

Andrea was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. She has played the piano and sung in choirs since age 5. Her focus in high school was early childhood education. She received her music degree from Franz Liszt Music Academy’s Training College, majoring in solfege and music theory. While in college, she helped with an international music conference in Budapest and made friends with several American teachers. After graduating from college, she was invited to New Jersey where she studied English, sang in two choirs and attended Broadway shows.

In 1992 Andrea moved to Portland where she attended Multnomah Bible College. During her last year of study, she met Jan Keyser who invited her to teach at Harmony Road. Except for a brief absence, she has been teaching your children since then.

In 2012 Andrea organized an alumni concert in conjunction with a graduation concert given by two of our seniors. In 2013 this event became our annual Mother’s Day Weekend concert showcasing teachers and students representing all class levels.

Andrea has a wide network of friends in the Portland area, often keeping in touch with “old” students. Her sister’s family also lives in the area and her mother often visits. She is very knowledgeable about music events in the area and is a great resource for all of us.

Andrea Nagy

Each of us has two native languages.
Both are learned early...both stay with us for a lifetime.
One is music. This is why a music education is important

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