Amanda Dwornicki

Amanda's love of music began early in life; singing, dancing, playing instruments and marching through the house. At 18 months old, she was enrolled in Toddler Tunes at Harmony Road and has continued through each step of the program, and is currently finishing Piano 10.

Amanda has a love of singing, participating in church choirs, singing in school talent shows, has earned lead vocals roles in several musical performances, including being cast in the Children's Choir for the Broadway tour of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Keller Auditorium (Apr. 4-9, 2006).

Amanda began playing clarinet in 7th grade, switched to alto saxophone in 8th grade and has been able to earn an Academic Letter in band all 4 years in high school. Amanda has enjoyed participating in the award winning Sherwood High School Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and the elite Wind Ensemble programs. Amanda has also enjoyed playing year-round fast pitch softball, as a pitcher, has lettered all 4 years of high school, and really enjoyed playing for the nationally ranked NW Fireballs team.

Thanks to the support and guidance of her teachers (Irena, Keiko & Andrea), Amanda has learned persistence, perseverance and determination. She excels in sight reading and pitch, and has a beautiful tone and musicality.

Amanda's other interests include drama, reading, and dance. After graduating high school with honors she plans to attend Western Oregon University and study Elementary Education.

Amanda Dwornicki

Each of us has two native languages.
Both are learned early...both stay with us for a lifetime.
One is music. This is why a music education is important

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